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I miss you.
Friday, September 21, 2012 | 12:27 AM | 0 drops something
The fact is I still missing you. Yeah you. Hm I can forget you. I dont know how to forget about you. I've try but I cant. How I wish moving on is easy like breathing. Are you happy with your girlfriends now? Hm I hope so. Tengok awak dari jauh dah pun memadai bagi saya. 6 months with you there's many memories that we've been together. I wish I can delete all from my mind. Yah I wish. Its been a year and yet I cant forget you. Look how important you are in my life. Everyday I remember our memories. Ever day, every second, every minutes. Saya langsung takde gambar awak nak dibuat kenangan. TAKDE langsung. Hmm. I hope you will happily ever after with your beloved girlfriend. Sincerely, ME.


Im Siti Najihah bt Muhamad Nazarudin. Already 18 y/o. Students kptm Kota Bharu dip in tourism. I choose you, Muhammad Amiruddin bin Khalid ♡

have an amazing boyfriend
have a happy life
go to the beach with him, bros & sis
have a closet full of clothes
travel the whole world with him

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