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Always mine. Forever..
Friday, February 10, 2012 | 3:30 AM | 0 drops something

This is my friends. Until forever. Until we grown up. Until die.
Because of them, my life is always happy.
Even they were annoying sometimes but it's okay because it will make me happy.
Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my true friends. Thanks for always support me when
 I really really having a problem.
Thanks for everything.
You will always be my bestfriend and I hope our friendship will never end :')
Ohh yahhh happy belated birthday pendek <3


Im Siti Najihah bt Muhamad Nazarudin. Already 18 y/o. Students kptm Kota Bharu dip in tourism. I choose you, Muhammad Amiruddin bin Khalid ♡

have an amazing boyfriend
have a happy life
go to the beach with him, bros & sis
have a closet full of clothes
travel the whole world with him

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