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Happy time :3
Thursday, November 24, 2011 | 6:46 PM | 0 drops something
Hello :> Semalam kan aku pegy tengok wayang cerita Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Sumpah best gile nak mati :D Rugi sape tak tengok. Hehe :p Act saje jeh nak jeleskan member aku sorang toe :p Donut jangan jeles auw. Hihhii :D

Thanks hawa and fhana because spending your time with me :*
Kbai <3


Im Siti Najihah bt Muhamad Nazarudin. Already 18 y/o. Students kptm Kota Bharu dip in tourism. I choose you, Muhammad Amiruddin bin Khalid ♡

have an amazing boyfriend
have a happy life
go to the beach with him, bros & sis
have a closet full of clothes
travel the whole world with him

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