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what's LOVE ?
Thursday, March 17, 2011 | 12:01 AM | 0 drops something

when you're together with that special someone ,
you pretend to ignore that person 
but when that special someone is not around ,
you might look around to find him ,
at that moment you are in love :)

although there is someone else who
always makes you laugh , your eyes and
attention might go only to that special someone
then , you are in love :)

although that special someone was
supposed to have called you long back ,
to let you know of their safe arrival ,
your phone is quiet . you are desperately
waiting for the call
at the moment you are in love :)

when you get a couple of the free movie
tickets you would not hesitate to think of that
special someone, then you are in love :)

you keep telling yourself  'that special someone is
just a friend ,'
but you realize you cannot
avoid that person's special attraction
at the moment you are in love :)

while you're reading this post , if someone
appears in your mind , then you are in love with that
person :) 


Im Siti Najihah bt Muhamad Nazarudin. Already 18 y/o. Students kptm Kota Bharu dip in tourism. I choose you, Muhammad Amiruddin bin Khalid ♡

have an amazing boyfriend
have a happy life
go to the beach with him, bros & sis
have a closet full of clothes
travel the whole world with him

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